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Top Flight Pigeon Feed   Racing Pigeon Mall

Finally a pigeon feed designed for the homing pigeon enthusiast. Top Flight provides a balanced diet with numerous human grade seeds. All seeds are cleaned 3 times before bagging, with no screening ensuring a clean and nutritious diet for your birds.

Pro-biotics are applied to every bag, they are designed to advance your teams digestion, enhancing the endurance and performance of your racing birds!

Top Flight has an essential array of balanced enzymes and trace mineral electrolytes for your team optimal performance. This is an essential part of a modern loft program.
  • Racing Mix
  • Performance Mix
  • Breeders Mix
  • Maintenence Mix
  • Basic Popcorn Mix
  • No Pea Mix

The leading edge in performance and natural health products for the racing pigeon sport.

We offer "all natural" products that maintain the health in your birds without the need for antibiotics or medications. Our performance products are used by many National Ace Pigeon and Hall of Fame lofts. We also have customers in Canada, England, Scotland, Ireland, Northern Ireland, Belgium, Germany, Portugal and South Africa.

    Bio-Fresh ~ 12 probiotic strains, 1 billion cfu per gram

    Bio-Booster ~ Increases effectiveness of any probiotic by 400%

    Super Creatine Plus ~ the premier performance product in the racing pigeon sport

    Muscle Max ~ No better race recovery and muscle building product on the market today

    Max Immune Plus & Show Stopper ~ the best all natural health products available

    Five Star ~ aka the "Hammer" ~ When all the antibiotics and medications fail you, this is your product of last resort. Developed for One Loft Races and lofts handling futurity birds, but now used by top racing lofts for superior health

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