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The Orange County 350 Mile Classic Race
October 25, 2015 from Stockton, CA

# of birds Perch fee Band Race Special Pos Prize
1-5 birds 85 35 1 15000
6+ birds 70 35 2 9600
Accepting Birds
February 1st May 3rd
$250.00 Entry Fee
Due after the 150 mile trainer
Fully refunded if entry is not shipped
to the 350 mile race
Accepting 300 birds
100% of Entry Fees paid out in Capital Prizes
less race expenses for shipping and guest food
Capital prize payout based on 200 paid entries
1st drop shares capital prizes equally
All other postions paid by clocking order
Birds remain the property of the Breeder
3 5800
4 3500
5 2000
6 1500
7 1200
8 1000
9 800
10 600
11-20 500
21-30 400

Band Race Special Rules

All breeders must include $35.00 per bird for the Special Band Race.
This includes $10 for the band race and $25 for the High Roller (race within a race) This activity will help raise funds for the local racing pigeon club

The OC350 birds will be shipped and released with the combine's birds
The OC350 birds will not appear on the club or combine race sheeets
The OC350 birds will appear on the Band Race Sheet and the High Roller Sheet

OC350 birds lost prior to band registration day will have their $35
applied against their OC350 Entry Fees
The band registration list will be posted on our website for the breeder to see
If any of your birds are not on the list, your entry fees will be adjusted.